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7 Innovative Tech Gadgets at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show


The annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas introduced several innovative gadgets, among them a 7 and 1/2 foot TV, a watch/GPS, and a 3D video camcorder.

The recent 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas brought out a slew of new gadgets, many of them smaller and sleeker thanks in part to improvements in semiconductor technology. The exception to this trend was TV; bigger was the main selling point for Mitsubishi's 92 inch 3D TV, for example. Some gadgets were also advertised on the basis of price: Vizio showed off a small 3D TV that was listed at under $300. Here is a sampling of 7 innovative tech gadgets that were found at the 2011 CES:

1.Sony HDR-TD10  

(MSRP $1,500): The HDR-TD10 is a handheld 3D camcorder that allows one to shoot video in 3D and then display it on a high-definition 3D TV (special glasses are also required). If no 3D TV is available, the video footage can also be fed to a high-definition 2D TV. The camcorder contains two lenses, two image processors, and two image sensors in order to shoot and record two different sets of video footage.

   2. Tremont Electric nPower Peg (MSRP $159): This backup charger has a very unique feature: it generates energy from a person's daily movements. Tremont states that one minute of an activity like walking can generate an equivalent amount of battery time on a cell phone or other electronic device. The nPower device itself can be strapped to a carrier or other bag, where it moves in accordance with a person's daily movements.

   3. Liquid Image Extreme Summit Series HD Goggles
(MSRP $400): Wouldn't it be great to record your actual snowboarding or skiing trip down the slopes? Liquid Image Extreme offers a set of snowboarding goggles that come equipped with an HD camcorder that records footage onto a Micro SD card. The user need only push a button, and a high definition video camera located near the user's forehead turns on and starts recording footage.

4. Mitsubishi Digital Electronics 92-inch 3D TV

(MSRP $5,000-$6,000): 50-inch TV screens were once considered huge, but not anymore. Mitsubishi has introduced a 1080i HD TV that is over 7 and 1/2 feet long. This is the largest TV that the company offers, and it is also 3D capable. However, the 3D glasses that one needs for the TV do not come cheap either: a starter pack from the company, which includes two pairs of active-shutter 3D glasses and an adapter, costs an additional $400. In the case of this 3D TV, cheap plastic (dual-tone) or "passive" 3D glasses simply don't work.

   5. Vizio Theater 3D TV  

(MSRP $300): For those individuals who don't need a theater-size TV, Vizio offers a 3D TV that starts just under $300 for a 22-inch model. The 3D glasses themselves run $29.99 for one pair or $44.99 for two, and they can also be used in movie theaters.

6. Nike+ Sportwatch GPS

(MSRP $249): Runners typically track their mileage while running as a way to measure their progress. Nike tapped into the runner market back in 2006 by introducing a shoe sensor that transmitted running data and mileage to the user's iPod, but that required owning an iPod. Now, the company is again trying to expand into the running market by offering a stand-alone running watch that also contains a GPS for mileage tracking and route mapping.

   7. Wave Xtion Web/TV Browser

(MSRP $199): The Xtion connects to both a PC and a TV, allowing Web browsing on one's TV. While this concept itself is not new, what is new is the fact that the Xtion does not require a user to have any kind of keypad or joystick in order to rapidly surf the Web or even play online games. Hand motions suffice, since the device actually tracks the gestures of the people sitting in front of the TV.
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