Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

Apen A4 Digital Pen for iOS


Digital pens that can capture your strokes and transfer them to a computer are nothing new.  They’re great if you want to instantly takes your notes from the morning’s meeting and distribute them to the team. But how many of them are designed to work directly with the iPad?  None of them, at least to our knowledge…until now.

E FUN today introduced the APEN A4.  It works just like your typical digital pen and included is a 30-pin USB connector allowing you to transcribe your notes instantly to your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch.  Alternatively, the receiver can store up to 100 pages of data and be uploaded to a computer or iOS device at a later time.  E FUN says that the APEN A4 works like a standard ink pen, which means you can write as you would normally, though when the battery runs dry (8 hours) it will just be, well, just a standard pen.

In addition to a free iOS app, E FUN includes the following software: Photo Sketcher, Note Taker and OCR Software.  The latter one will convert your notes, assuming your penmanship isn’t too wacky, into a standard type face allowing your coworkers to benefit from your attention to detail without having to whip out a decoder.
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